Splash Pad

Water play areas or the more recognized term “Splash Pads” are popping up all over the place. Considering it is Arizona and we need to stay cool at least five months out of the year Splash Pads are becoming a great way to stay cool. Beach Edge Pools has combined the fun of the Splash Pad with the fun of a pool to create our Beach Splash Pools.

The Beach Splash Pool combines our original patent pending Beach Edge Pool Deck Design with a Fun Splash Pad to create a waterpark feeling in your backyard.  It is no wonder the water playgrounds are the most popular items of water parks and public gathering areas. It is a great way to stay cool in the blistering heat, safer for kids and yes the adults love the pads too!

Unlike a Swimming Pool, Splash Pads have little or no depth to the water, making them perfect for anyone who doesn't swim but wants to enjoy some cool wet fun. We can add an assortment of various spray features such deck jets that pop up with different intervals, along with other combinations of other water features. The Beach Edge Splash Pads is the new style of waterpark in a homeowner’s backyard.

The team at Beach Edge Pools loves the challenge to see how much fun we can build for a homeowner’s yard. The beach surface we have created works above, below and around the water. Why not have as much fun as possible around your pool? The Zero Edge Beach type of decking combined with a Splash Pad creates a Waterpark in your Backyard.