Pool Safety

BeachEdge™ Original Best For Safety

The terms Impact Absorbing, Crack Resistant, Skid Resistant, Porous and Cooler Surface Temperatures are not Synonymous with traditional Pool Edges. These terms normally don’t apply to the surface material around the edge of a pool? With a BeachEdge™ Original pool designs these terms represent the benefits of our featured rubberized material. These benefits help to explain why so many in the industry are referring to the BeachEdge™ Original as the safest pool edge in the industry.   Pool owners can now experience more fun around the pool’s edge.  


Our BeachEdge™ Decking Design Makes it Easier to Exit the Pool

   Safest Pool Edge in the Pool Industry

Slip Resistant: Our rubberized surface material provides a slip resistant surface in wet conditions.

Ease of Exiting: Traditional pool designs have a 6 ½ inch lip that can make it difficult for a person, child or animal to pull themselves out of the pool.

Reaching for Objects: Cleaning the surface of your pool is not only easier but is now a little safer.

Waterline Visibility: With a traditional edge pool the 6 1/2 inch drop down to water’s edge makes it difficult to see the waterline of your pool.

It is Beach Edge Pools sincere dedication to help pool owners provide a safe environment for their family around the swimming pool.There are the many different lifestyles that pool owners enjoy their pool. Large families, small kids, mature adults or pool owners that entertain guest bring in a host of reasons why pool safety can be difficult to find the one perfect barrier that fits all. It is best to understand what is best for you your family and choose from the many options available to pool owners. Whether it be a pool safety fence, a pool safety net or a pool safety cover all can be very effective in providing safety.

Beach Edge Pools recomments checking all options available prior to or during the process of building your pool. We suggest going with a reputable company that has been providing pool safety barriers in the Arizona market for many years and is trusted by the major pool builders. DCS Pool Barriers, LLC is a company we recommend for their extensive knowledge and vast array of swimming pool safety barriers available to homeowners.

Pool safety is the number one concern when building your pool and DCS Pool Barriers can help you develop a safety plan for your pool.

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