Beach Decking

Beach Edge Pool Decking is the hottest patent pending design to hit the pool industry since Pebble Tec. The homeowner’s pool escape has just gotten better. Beach Edge Pools with its Zero Edge pools is Creating Beaches in backyards.Beach Edge Pool Decking combines its Patent Pending design with a non-slip surface material. This non-slip material for wet deck areas acts in a similar way to a rubber mat when wet. The Safety Surface and functionality of this rubberized material with the Beach Edge Pool Decking creates pure enjoyment at The Beach. Beach Edge Pools has created beach like fun around a simple in ground swimming pool.

Swimming pools are popular use in residential and park installations. Residential in ground pools are often constructed to add beauty and art to the landscape, as well to provide recreation swimming opportunities. In ground pools  most often have a pool deck which surrounds the outer edges of the swimming pool. Traditional pool construction has the deck of the pool sloping away from the swimming pool. In this type of decking the water which lands on the pool deck runs away from the pool. At the shoreline, also known as the water’s edge or deck inner edge, the swimming pool deck is set about 6 inches above the water line. The deck has a down slope away from the pool. This type of in ground pool construction is conventional, functional and cost effective; however, the deep edge of the pool at the deck’s inner edge retracts from the beauty of the pool. Additionally the raised pool edge makes it difficult to get into and out of the pool. Most naturally it is more desirable to have a  pool in which the pool deck transitions into the pool water with a minimal obtrusive pool edge.

A Zero Edge  Pool Decks transition into the pool with a minimal obtrusive pool edge. What has become an accepted way of building pool edges was not good enough for the creators of Beach Edge Pools.  The Zero Edge pool design concept not only delivers the most eye appealing aesthetic pool edge next to the infinity edge but at a much lesser expense to the homeowner. The Beach Edge Pool design concept brings the eye appealing Zero Edge pool concept to reality and at an affordable cost to homeowners.

Beach Edge Pool Decking is offered in variety of eight different colors. If the Beach Edge Decking material is properly maintained it will easily last the life of your pool. 

Available Colors: Pebble, Caspian, Sandalwood, Santa Fe, Mocha, Savannah, Nickel and Ochre

Warranty: The Beach Edge Pool Decking is backed by a 5 year warranty