Welcome to Beach Edge Pools

Imagine the serenity of lying on the beach and feeling the closeness of the water next to you as you relax into your afternoon of solitude. Imagine the sensation of strolling next to the water and feeling the water touch your toes as though you were walking on the Beach. BeachEdge™ Pool Design creates these incredible soothing and relaxing beach sensations in everyday pools.

The BeachEdge™ Design concept takes the Zero Edge Seamless look to the new level of pool design. The inconveniences of a traditional edge pool are now washed away with BeachEdge™ Decking. See how our pools welcome you into the pool with open arms similar to a beautiful grand entrance into a home.

The BeachEdge™ Design upgrade is now available with new pool construction or remodels. This is much more than a trendy upgrade that may capture your attention for a few fleeting moments. The BeachEdge™ Design upgrade transforms the look of a traditional commonly viewed pool to a look of elegance, of style, of beauty and serenity.  BeachEdge™ Designs is breaking ground with its New Patent Pending Design Zero Edge Pool Designs. 

BeachEdge™ Original

The terms Impact Absorbing, Crack Resistant, Skid Resistant, Porous and Cooler Surface Temperatures are not Synonymous with traditional Pool Edges. These terms normally don’t apply to the surface material around the edge of a pool? With a Beach Edge™ Original pool designs these terms represent the benefits or our featured rubberized material. These benefits help to explain why so many in the industry are referring to the BeachEdge™ Original as the safest pool edge in the industry.  Pool owners can now experience more fun around the pool’s edge. The decking is offered in an endless number of colors that customers and decide for themselves.  

BeachEdge™ Elegance

Our unique zero edge design with a stone surface replaces the traditional rubberized surface. The Elegant Edge is the true essence of zero edge design to create the seamless pool entry. Choose the hardscape and create a look of Elegance for your Zero Edge Pool. The seamless pool entry of our Elegant Edge Design creates a beautiful transition from the stone to the water that brings elegance to backyard.